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The Queen

We opened up both hives yesterday to see if the Queens had gotten out of their transport boxes yet. They had, and the worker bees had even begun to build comb onto the Queen’s former dwelling. * * * * … Continue reading

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Natural & safe: Shampoo, Laundry Detergent, Deoderant

So, honestly, there just isn’t enough time to experiment and make high quality EVERYTHING for our family. But I do like to support those who make the products that I don’t, but that I value ~ especially the people who … Continue reading

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The bees have landed

We picked up the bees today. I’ve had a lot of people asking lately about the whole bee keeping thing, so I thought I’d walk through the set up process. This is only our second year at it and we … Continue reading

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Animal planet

It really is Spring, because everywhere little animal babies are being born. This week we finalized our choices for the pigs and lambs. The girls began riding lessons as well. (I have a friend who used to say, “Girls who … Continue reading

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Catch up

It’s been a busy past couple months here, and I’ve not felt great for most of it…hence the lack of visiting this space. But I am beginning to feel better this week, and I’m ready to say that this fall … Continue reading

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