This winter’s hibernation

I’ve been meaning to update for a while now, but haven’t been great about pictures lately and we’ve all been in a sort of reclusive, hibernating mood lately. I think it’s all the snow we’ve been getting ~ it’s extremely craft-inducing and relaxing, because there isn’t anywhere to go or anything to do, so we snuggle at home and do projects and make soup and chili, and take naps, and be happy.

So. A little catch up.

The girls have been doing a lot of art work. This makes me feel better about how much art they gave up over the summer when I was living in the garden. We’re making up for it now!

Sophia and I have been using her block crayons together. Keeping with Waldorf theory, I don’t instruct her in technique at all; instead, we parallell work. It’s so fun because she usually imitates what I make on some level, though, as you can see below.

We’ve been reading this WONDERFUL book called “The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly” which I absolutely canNOT recommend enough….Sophia and Grace both listen in raptures to the adventures of this little fairy, Tiptoes, and her friend Jeremy Mouse. The two do all sorts of adorable things like rescue a crow who was stuck in a pumpkin, travel to the ocean to help their friend Octopus out, help a Bee get its Buzz back… Totally adorable.

And we’ve been doing these wall murals again. They had fun with them last winter and it’s a big hit a year later too.

So, the girls have been working on their Candlemas/Imbolc crafts (which we’ll be giving away to the Grand’s for Valentines Day presents) but I’m going to share that tomorrow, I promise!

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