Gracie turns 2

I like having a seasonal theme to the girls birthday’s; something where they (and the rest of the family) just know Sophia’s birthday ~ ah yes, lantern walks again, and Grace’s big day! Decorating the tree again! We’ve only just begun all this, but I can tell these will be memory-filled traditions for them to grow up with.

It took a little while to figure out what Grace’s special celebratory festivity should be…she was born on the 6th of January, but Epiphany just doesn’t resonate with my pagan soul at all. So we decided to take our tree down and put it outside and make food sources to decorate the tree for its “second season of giving” for the animals!

We had so much fun with all the grandparents and the aunt and uncle and kids! Everyone got involved in rolling peanut butter covered pine cones in bird seed, Dad strung up the suet, and we strung cranberries and popcorn too.

We left the lights on the tree, so it looks sooo pretty at night!

Grace received some homemade gifts this year. My husband crafted a beautiful cradle for Grace’s Christmas baby, Liza Jane, and I made a little quilt to go with it.

Also, Grace FINALLY got a birthday quilt! It only took a year to complete. 🙂

On the birthday menu was fish, (one of our) roasted chickens, salad, roasted potatoes, homemade pasta mixed with our summer garden’s veggies and homemade bread.

I made blueberry cake from berries we picked all last July, with organic ice cream on the side. Grace approved!

Happy 2d Birthday, Gracie-doodle!

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