Playing catch-up & hand-crafted gifting

I’m behind in blogging, but that’s because I’ve been so good at keeping my New Year Commitments! But more on that later; I’ve got to play catch-up from Christmas!

Christmas was lovely. My inlaws came up and spent the day, the kids had so much fun, and our plan for an organic/local Christmas dinner was delicious and successful! But what I wanted to especially note was the homemade gifts the kids received this year, because I’m super proud of those who crafted them.

This is the playstand my husband built for the girls. I love it! The dog does too, as you can see…

And this is the fridge that my father in law built for the girls, to go with their kitchen set. Isn’t it beautiful?! Sooo lovely!! He makes amazing things with his hands!

My husband also built a tortilla press for me, which is pretty cool!

Ok, so the race to play catch-up is officially on, and for good measure, here is a Christmas morning picture of the girls with their hand-made dolls (not made by me, though! – they are Evi handmade dolls, much loved and so gorgeously crafted!).

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