The Edibles


It’s that time of year when food is so extra appealing, so warm and comforting….just sitting here thinking about how cold it is outside makes me want grab a cup of cocoa and something yummy, pick up some delightful new read and be happy!

But instead, let’s talk food.

Lately I’ve been buying soup bones from Maurice’s Country Meat Market in Canterbury (it’s a local butcher shop). You know, for the bone marrow and bone knuckles.

Why? you may ask. Well, it is a little known fact that most of the soups and broth/stock that you purchase contain MSG, even healthy health-foodish ones. If you’ve never seen MSG lised on the ingredient label, that would be because legally the manufacturer is not obligated to tell you about it as long as it is less then 100% MSG. This is a terrible shame, in my opinion, because a) MSG is a nerutoxin and b) I like soup! Especially this time of year!

Left over soup stock.

Hence the foray to collect fresh bones for lovely, healthy homemade bone broths.

Secondly, Christmas is upon us! The girls are so excited!!! I am too, but for another reason. I have been extremely committed to eating local, eating fresh, eating as organically raised as possible. In hindsight, we didn’t grow enough to live off our own veggies for six months, as I’d hoped to do, BUT we did grow enough to eat one completely home-based meal a week, which is still awesome, to me. For Christmas, we decided to do a local and/or organic meal, in entirety. Now, don’t get me wrong, this was certainly not a cheap decision! But I’ve been devoted to this cause for a while, and I felt like – either pay now in food, or pay later in health. Right?

So our ham came from this lovely farm in Salem, CT called Woodbridge Farm and we got raw milk cheese there as well for the holidays (we also got fresh liverwurst, ground beef, ham hocks, and their own beef soup bones!). Our veggies will be own own, and whatever else we can find locally, including utilizing Trader Joes and especially Whole Foods. For desserts, I’ve found a few healthy, whole grain recipes (including this yummy looking pumpkin pie recipe !). We also found this great website of all local farms in CT that you can order through, and the delivery comes right to your door! (Website is here )

This ham issue is going to be a solved-dilemma next Christmas because….we are getting pigs this Spring! Yes! Next autumn and winter, I shall be eating my own ham and the girls will have bacon, and ham hock soups, etc…ahhh so excited! It’s good to know where your food came from, how it was raised, and what it was raised on!

These are the Large Black Pig, our preferred breed for this Spring. The are supposed to be excellent pasture pigs, very docile personalities, and pretty tasty too .

Also, a great recipe I want to pass on is this Peppermint Bark recipe which has been shared all over the web, including by Cardigans and Kids and SouleMama but which originated, I think, over here by Molly at Orangette . We’ve made it to give to our lovely dance teacher, to the grandparent’s, and to the special people in our life who we just wanted to know we appreciate.

Yummy peppermint bark!

Aaaand, my husband decided to solve our children-friendly-cheese-cracker dilemma.

I don’t want the kids eating any of the commercial processed snacks with their soy-laden ingredients, so they’ve been going without. But my husband did a search for homemade cheesy cracker recipes, tried one out, and viola! We are all in love with these homemade crackers! They weren’t terribly time consuming to make and will be a simple addition to Baking Day each week. They are SO YUMMY, and consist of only cheese, pepper, flour, butter and water! (Sidenote: the recipe calls for all-purpose flour, but we just substitued whole wheat.) The recipe can be found over here at HomeCookingin Montanta .

I feel like there were other food links I was going to share, but I can’t think of any right now, so I’ll leave off for now and add them later if I remember.

Happy (and yummy!) Holidays!!!

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2 Responses to The Edibles

  1. Thanks for the great links.
    A cracker idea I’d like to share with your family. Everyone’s favorite part of the pie is the crust, right? So, we made “pie-crust cookies”! Use any home made pie crust recipe (I’m sure you have one). Roll it out and slice it up then bake like cookies. My husband said I was nuts… then he ate about half the batch! Mmmmmmmmmmm.

  2. Katie says:

    Definitelly going to try the cracker recipe soon–and yay on the pigs, how exciting!! Looks like you guys are having a great holiday season ❤

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