Making memories

I really love paint-your-own pottery, framing a young artists work, and making our own Christmas ornaments, as long as these things share one common denominator: they are masterpieces origniating from my kids! Each Mother’s Day, when my husband asks what I would like, I consistently respond, “An Amazon gift card ~ and the kid’s handprints on something from the paint-your-own-pottery place.”

I guess that’s why I love the whole Christmas dough ornament idea…it’s simple and easy, but I just picture myself someday as an old old woman with long white hair, hobbling between a dusty box of ornaments and my Christmas tree, pulling out these tiny handprints my babies made long ago…and being sad and happy and content all at the same time.

Some of the crafts and projects we do, we do just for the kids to have fun. Some of them we do for my secret agenda of saving memories for myself of the sweet moments when my babies were, well, babies. ❤

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