Advent calender

We made our own version of the advent calender, a little late, but better then never!

(Forgive the picture quality, these were taken with my phone.)

I wanted to use tissue paper again, because we had a lot of fun with it when we made the paper lanterns and I have a TON left over. So basically, I placed a big piece of tissue paper over the window and then cut out and layered the stars, placing them in an (off-center) spiral. Then I made the little angel out of tissue paper and we will move her to a new star each day.

Getting ready for more winter crafting and seasonal busy-ness around here. We have solstice coming up, so we’ll be working on our gifts for the wild aniamls. We will be visiting Santa Clause this upcoming weekend at Old Sturbridge Village. This month will bring Sophia to see the Nutcracker for the first time. And of course Christmas, which comes on the 24th in our home this year (my husband will be working the 25th). This time of year goes soooo quickly!

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