More autumn adulation :-)

We had a bit of “Indian summer” for a few days, but thankfully it is now gone, and the beautiful autumn crispness and color is back!

We’ve been sort of reveling in it. Really.

I’d love to be able to show you Grace’s costume, because she’s an adorable fairy princess in it, but she’s boycotting it. She absolutely refuses to wear it, and if there is one thing about Grace that is absolutely certain, she will not be persuaded to do something she has determined she will not do! I asked what she’s going to be for Halloween and she said, “Um ~ me!” An excellent idea!

Our fall garden is still alive and kicking, despite several cold frosts. We still have lettuce and peas, and the onions will winter over. Planting a fall garden was a good plan on our part ~ it definitely will make winter seem less lengthy!

We made a spooky doorway for Halloween. It’s from an old Martha Stewart magazine; just styrofoam balls painted and glued to make spiders. The girls like it.

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