Autumn Crafting

So last time I mentioned we’ve been doing some leaf crafts ~ we’ve been making a felt leaf garland, but actually you could make a soft of leaf mobile out of this, or use the leaves in a wreath, or just about anything, it’s a very versatile idea. Sophia has been able to practice her new sewing skills as well; because I double back the felt, it’s thick enough for her to sew her own designs on the leaves.

We also made acorn pumpkins today; this was fun and the pumpkins are SO CUTE and super fun for little elves and gnomes and dolls to play with ~ BUT, I recommend using acrylic paint for this. I only had watercolor paints, so we used it and it was fine, it just took a million coats. Acrylic would, I imagine, be much faster (although I hate the smell of acrylics!)

I just think they are so cute!! We can’t get enough of the fall crafts right now. We’re going to be making paper mache lanterns for Martinmas (which is on Sophia’s birthday!). Will show pics of that project soon.

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One Response to Autumn Crafting

  1. Amy Romano says:

    oooh, those acorn pumpkins *are* adorable! I’m totally making some.

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