Apple/pumpkin madness

We went apple picking last week at Palazzi Orchard in Dayville. Beautiful fruit farm, and super friendly too.

The apple trees were loaded and the girls had so much fun!

We went home with many more then we had planned to pick, but then we got to thinking about all the lovely things you can do with apples… Apple pie, apple jam, apple butter, applesauce…

And apple crisp!!

We made the apple crisp to take to the kids Grandparents, but then Sophia (being my daughter) requested we make pumpkin pie as well. And me being me, simply could not say “no” to the ultimate autumnal dessert (or, *cough cough*, breakfast. Or lunch. Or just food). So our apple-obsession veered slightly off track into the world of pumpkins. (Which is pretty much where we end up every fall.)

And then we had to pick a pumpkin to bring to Oma and Poppy from the fifteen! in our garden. After a LOT of debate, the girls chose this beauty.

Well. You can never have too many pumpkins. (Or apples, either!)

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