The early school days

I thought I’d show a little of what we have been up to for “kindergarten” around here. (I have to put that in parenthesis because I imagine most people these days envision academic goings-on for kindergarten, but we won’t even begin to touch upon that world until First Grade. Melissa Neislon wrote just today about the Waldorf kindergarten, and I refer you here for more detailed explanation about this age group and Steiner. )

We did some wet felting to make bright orange pumpkins for our nature table.

Flower pounding (taken from this issue of Rhythm of the Home magazine) was a lot of fun. Sophia made cards and drew little stories inside each card.

We’ve read stories and sung songs about the harvest. I made up a story about “Squirrel Nutkin” and his busy search for acorns to store for the cold autumn and winter months. We then went outside and the girls pretended to be squirrels and hopped around gathering acorns while I sang “The Squirrel Song” (see above photo).

Sophia picked out acorn caps while I needle-felted acorns for our nature table.

And here is our Nature Table with the wet felted pumpkins the girls made, our felt acorns, and little other bits of autumn that the girls collected (and one of our garden pumpkins, too!)

Lots of fun!

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One Response to The early school days

  1. Debbie Benoit says:

    That’s amazing! If I didn’t have so many special needs to deal with I would have done the same kind of “homeschooling” with mine.

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