Waiting for autumn

Even though it feels like anything but fall, I think everyone senses the shift that began a couple weeks ago. In the lull between summer and getting into autumn, there has been much percolating below the surface around here. A few clues…

Several projects are in store with these, including a Daddy-made surprise for the soon-to-be 5 yr old’s big day!!

Gathered homeschooling supplies all set for our first day. We are going to begin on Monday ~ Sophia’s official first day of kindergarten! This year we are using curriculum from A Little Garden Flower . In keeping with standard Waldorf practice, Sophia will do two years of “kindergarten” and begin 1st Grade at age 7 (or 6.10 months, to be exact).

New fabric soon to be transformed into more autumn dresses for the girls.

Two cuddly surprises we stumbled upon in our garage earlier this week. We are guessing they are around 4 weeks old. So precious!

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One Response to Waiting for autumn

  1. Congrats on your homeschooling prep. Hope your first day is a blessed one! We love Lono and Coco.

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