In pursuit of local milk

When I lived up in Worcester, I used to purchase my milk from Coopers Hilltop Dairy Farm in Leicester. I loved knowing where my milk came from, talking with the farmer, physically seeing the cows at pasture. It was lovely.

When we lived in Rhode Island, there was Arrudas Dairy Farm right down the road from us, so I got quite cozy with the idea of always having local milk. But over here in the Connecticut “Quiet Corner,” it’s been ironically difficult to find such a local enterprise selling directly to the public. I finally settled on Mountain Dairy because it was basically local (based in Storrs, a half hour away) and I could purchase it at local stores.

Then I stumbled upon Baldwin Brook Farm which is about 10 miles away from us in Canterbury, CT. And one word ~ AMAZING!

Can you see the cream separated from the milk? You get used to giving the bottle a little shake before pouring to evenly distribute all those nutrients!

We had never had raw milk before, and I can tell you it tastes a thousand times better then processed milk. The health benefits are amazing too!! (If you want to learn more about raw milk you can look here and here for starters.) There is definitely no turning back to processed milk after having had raw milk…just no comparison in taste alone.

(Side note ~ we obviously did not pack raw milk with us when we went camping last month, and we bought Sophia a little bottle of milk one morning from the store ~ she refused to drink the processed milk the entire time we were away, saying “It tastes bad!” Of course after having fresh milk for so long, it did taste bad!)

Of course all this lovely fresh milk has done nothing to help my husband stave off the desire of all the women in his life to own a dairy farm ourselves. Even Grace gets super excited when she hears we’re off to fetch milk and chants enthusiastically, “Cows! Cows! COWS!”

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One Response to In pursuit of local milk

  1. Ahh. You’ve come over to the raw side! We love their milk too ;). Some of the best I have ever had. Hop you guys are doing well.

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