On food preservation

“We eat what we can and what we can’t, we can.”

That really is the motto around here, and I figured it’s high time to talk about all the blanching, freezing, canning, and cooking that’s been going on.

The garden is currently winding down (phew!) and the height of preserving is also on the wane (again, PHEW!!) but what I have been madly doing for the past month and a half is this:

Food preserving offers a uniquely satisfying sense of personal calm ~ after the job is complete. During is sort of overwhelming…between the amount of produce and the sort of time-intense nature of the task, topped with small children running around…well let’s just say it’s a lost art which I am trying to learn. I think it will be a lot easier when the kid’s are slightly older and can help. (Which isn’t to imply I’m off the hook ~ next year I intend to triple what we grew and preserved this year. But I do have hope that in time this task will be less a chore as more hands can safely help.)

I’ll tell you who is very much thrilled with our food preservation endeavors…

I think I can safely say that when I am cooking this winter, and it’s 4:30 and already nearly dark outside that frosty kitchen window, I’m going to have a wonderful sense of peace and purpose when I pull out our summer garden veggies from the freezer and add them to supper. (This whole concept of the “restful time of year” is growing on me…)

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