A mama-made jumper for autumn days

A couple years ago when I was very pregnant with Grace, I bought an easy pattern for a jumper for Sophia. Upon arriving home and setting to work, I realized pregnant-brain had struck and I’d purchased a size 6-7-8 pattern for my 2 and a half year old. Oops. I put it away and forgot about it until yesterday.

Sophia is tall, but skinny skinny skinny. She wears a 5T in length, but everything falls right off her waist without belts. So I made the size 6 pattern, knowing it will be a bit big, but she’ll wear it next year too.


(These pictures cannot possibly convey to you what I discovered with picture-perfect clarity: how impossible it is to sew when Miss Grace is up! Lesson learned.) 😉

Cute little trouble maker….

I was happy with how the jumper came out. I used light-weight corduroy. Also this pattern called for a zipper ~ my first time sewing one in, but turns out that’s easy.

…Although I think next time I make this pattern I will use some cute adorable happy buttons, just because.

The main opinion I was worried about pleasing is pretty happy…she hasn’t taken the dress off since it was completed. Yay!

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