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Homemade pasta

We have a new family obsession, to aid our commitment to eat homemade. Our pasta machine actually has made pasta night (Friday nights) and homemade mac n’ cheese (occasionally for kiddos lunch) a lot of fun… Sophia LOVES grinding the … Continue reading

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In pursuit of local milk

When I lived up in Worcester, I used to purchase my milk from Coopers Hilltop Dairy Farm in Leicester. I loved knowing where my milk came from, talking with the farmer, physically seeing the cows at pasture. It was lovely. … Continue reading

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On food preservation

“We eat what we can and what we can’t, we can.” That really is the motto around here, and I figured it’s high time to talk about all the blanching, freezing, canning, and cooking that’s been going on. The garden … Continue reading

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A mama-made jumper for autumn days

A couple years ago when I was very pregnant with Grace, I bought an easy pattern for a jumper for Sophia. Upon arriving home and setting to work, I realized pregnant-brain had struck and I’d purchased a size 6-7-8 pattern … Continue reading

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This is how we mix the main ingredient up

Sometimes things happen in life that a little one just doesn’t understand, can’t change, and makes them feel sad. Sometimes there isn’t anything a mother can do, either. Those are the days when I think mixing flour and butter, and … Continue reading

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