Blueberries for Sal…and me

Since probably the end of May, my days have been filled with these: Prodigious and hopeful lists naming the daily necessities which are required to meet the needs of the garden ~ and therefore our own vegetable needs for the next six months (minimum).

And as if our own backyard bounty were not enough to stay on top of, I have embarked on a new plan, sans blueberry season. We recently put in 3 blueberry bushes, but they are not producing enough to meet our needs yet ~ not by a long shot. But we are lucky enough to have a chemical-free (pick-your-own) blueberry farm up the road from us which charges only $1.50 a pound for blueberries! (For interested locals, this is Windsong Farm in Pomfret.)

So we’ve been picking.

A lot.

11 lbs the first time, only 2 lbs the second (they had been heavily picked the day before and cleaned out for a few days.) All in all, we’d like to end up with around 25 lbs of blueberries by the time the season is finished. I’m washing and freezing them like mad (thanks be to the inventor of the FoodSaver!!!!)

Fresh blueberries with buttered zucchini bread…mmmm!!!

It’s so good, in fact, it’s the perfect food to mull over some wisdom on my to-do list that I am finally old enough (or tired enough??) to appreciate:

Who would have thought I could ever come up with a reason to be grateful for winter!!

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