As part of my, no-more-buying-anything-processed plan, Thursday’s are no longer just bread day, but bread and bagel baking day!

First I want to say ~ these were NOT hard to make! The recipe is from here and I really recommend everyone try it because my family now unanimously favors homemade to store bagels, and I’d put money down that yours will too!

You can top them with anything you want. You can mix whatever you want in the dough (I’m going to try cinnamon raisin soon, and also garlic ~ in a separate batch, of course). The fun is in the experimentation, but the basic recipe is simply scrumptious!

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2 Responses to Bagels!

  1. Diane says:

    Oh this is a definite for me to try… thanks… just a question where did you get wheat pastry flour?

  2. mamainthequietcorner says:

    I’ve actually never seen “wheat pastry flour” sold anywhere, but I figured with the high gluten count in the bread flour, it would be ok to use regular whole wheat flour in place of the “whole wheat pastry” flour ~ and they came out wonderfully, both batches I’ve made….which leads me to wonder if perhaps there was a typo error in the original recipe??

    Good luck with the bagels, let me know what you think after you taste them!!

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