We took to the woods

We took the kids to our yearly camping spot up in Western MA last week.

It took a little while for them to get into it, but after a day or so, they were REALLY into it!

This was the first year Sophia caught a fish all on her own; reeled it in and everything! She loved it. But she wouldn’t touch it after it was on dry land.

We went to the nearby butterfly garden in South Deerfield. Sophia didn’t remember having been there before, but she really enjoyed it this time. Grace spent most of that trip in the backpack, as the temptation to touch the butterflies was quite strong!

Later we went on a train ride and on a paddle boat (the later of which Sophia declared “unsafe” and demanded to be let off and onto land!).

It was a great trip. We were able to check out a few local spots that we’ll definitely hit again next year…this amazing little homemade bread bakery called Bread Euphoria and which has completely inspired me to give sourdough bread recipes a try here at home. We also visited this little farm-to-table restaurant in Amherst called Tabellas Restaurant . (I am completely in love with the farm-to-restaurant concept, and when we do our autumn trip up to Vermont we are going to visit The Farmer’s Diner which I think will, atmospherically, be more our style ~ Tabellas was delicious, but clearly catering to the more sophisticated crowd ~ as opposed to families).

Lots of farm stands littered the roads of Western Mass, filled with the biggest, most juicy red tomatoes I’ve seen since our garden last August! We had packed tons of produce from our own garden, and we actually didn’t do much food-shopping before or during our trip because of that, but we had to have a few farmstand fresh tomatoes and blueberries. So yummy!

Can’t wait to go back next summer. 🙂

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