Season’s Greetings…from Summer?

I feel like I have been absent from life the past couple weeks, but I am not without excuses! We are practically living in the garden! And I have proof:

The peppers finally began to take off after I sprinkled some epsom salt around their base, for magnesium.

So we have a surprise! About a month ago, one of my Buff Orpington hens went full-on broody. She sat diligently on those eggs for weeks….

and then finally, on July 6th, this happened!

She was sitting on a total of 19 eggs. 7 have hatched to date, although 2 were killed by the other hens (which is why we fenced the Mama and the eggs into a private corner of the coop). We will give her a little longer for the remainder to hatch, and if they haven’t done so soon, we must assume they were duds and toss them.

But hey! These chicks are so stinkin cute! And it is WAY more fun to hatch your own chicks then to buy them at a store, or order them online. Keeping them all, I am.

Last weekend we went raspberry picking with my mother in law, in her neighbors backyard ~ and look what we made!

Waaaay better then store-jam.

Speaking of berries, I know it’s not the greatest picture, but we put in 3 blueberry bushes, which are already producing blueberries (albeit not too many) and we are SO excited for next summer when they should be putting out a good deal.

Our sunflowers are all at-or-over 7 feet tall now. Loving this. They are like summer’s version of the Christmas tree; the barrers of the season’s spirit. Love it!

So that’s what we’ve been up to; come this time of year, this sort of turns into an agg blog, I guess. But we’re loving it!

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