Fairy tales, berry days

For part of our Midsummer celebration, I’ve made the girls some faeries … this was a painfully easy project involving pipe cleaners, little wooden pieces, and felt, and whatever I wanted for the wings, but such fun! Sophia really enjoyed being involved by choosing the various colors of the faeries.

The girls and I will be observing Midsummer (Summer Solstice) tomorrow (the 21st). My preparations have included a lot of storytelling to Sophia regarding this event, the longest day of the year. I began making-up and narrating an on-going tale about a little fairy girl named Fiona for Sophia a while back, and Fiona’s life and adventures usually parallel what is happening in Sophia’s world at that moment. Right now, Fiona and her mother have been busily baking sun-cakes and decorating for Summer Solstice and gathering wood for a huge bonfire ~ all things which Sophia and I will be doing tomorrow morning.

Recently I told Sophia a story of Fiona playing among the magic bell flowers and making an amazing discovery ~ a magic crystal! Shortly after the story ended, I encouraged Sophia to take a walk with me out to the flowers and low and behold ~ she too found a magic crystal! I forgot to photograph it, but I will tomorrow, because it’s pretty adorable ~ just a regular heart-shaped crystal pendant from Michael’s Craft Store for $3.99 ~ but it is by far the new favorite glory in Sophia’s life.

We also tried to gather some wild berries growing in our yard for our celebration tomorrow, but after the girls had eaten their fill, there wasn’t much left.

Their berry-stained faces made up for it though!

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One Response to Fairy tales, berry days

  1. Diane Wimmer says:

    What fun…. You should be the quiet corner version of Pairie Woman Enjoy the day…

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