Summer (weather) love

My favorite things about this time of year (or perhaps I should say this weather, as we’ve had an unusually Summery-sort-of-Spring):

  • Waking up in the morning and jumping into the pool for a swim
  • The early morning cacophony from our birdie friends
  • Moving from the playset, to the garden, to the pool, and back again, all day, coming in only for food, bath and bed
  • The sun beating down on you so hard you can feel it penetrating your flesh
  • Strawberry festivals
  • Country fairs
  • Berry picking, canning
  • Sunflowers growing by the wayside
  • Going out to the garden and picking fresh ingredients for dinner, or even the entire meal!
  • Laundry drying in the sunshine
  • Being enslaved to your garden, period (so much more pleasant then being enslaved to shoveling the walkway!)
  • Family camping trips
  • Firefly catching missions with the little ones

Happiness ❤

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