New rhythms

I’ve been really working on creating a routine for our family, in addition to working on the “rhythm” of our days. I realized it is difficult to raise a family with a strong family-home-base if the family is never at home. So. Now we are. A LOT. I think I’m going to continue pulling us inward for a little bit, and focusing on what’s important for the developmental stages my kids are currently at…routine, rhythm to the days, lots of free play and lots of artistic endeavors.

Our rhythm today involved the bees! We were happy to discover wax, honey, and eggs inside the combs.

We had a feline helper today with the bees…

Saturday evening’s are officially home made pizza night at our house. The whole family helped; Sophia even rolled the dough and helped cut vegetables. Salad from the garden, and Grandma’s BBQ chicken on the pizza.

I’ve gotten a lot of direction and help on the routine/rhythm aspect from this amazing book, Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children and I feel so grateful for stumbling upon it recently. One of the routine’s I love is our newly adopted “bedtime ritual.” After dinner, the girls still take their bath right away, as usual. But then after that, they come back to the table and we have warm milk with cinnamon and toast with honey before we do books. It’s this terribly sweet moment to regroup and I make sure we are snacking with a special candle lit at the table (which Sophia loves blowing out at the conclusion). Then we go up to bed, and she says a blessing (“Blessed be our sleep”) and then blows out the “bed candle.” For me, this simple ritual has revitalized the evening ~ I used to feel pretty burnt out by the end of the day, but having this sweet little ritual with the kids has completely re-energized me, and so far, we have ended the evening on a completely happy, content, sleepy note, every night. Loving it!

A candle to dine by.

A light to wish for good-nights!

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