May Day

Happy May Day! I didn’t plan for this day with enough forethought and I definitely should have. May Day is an old-timey tradition which can be such fun for little ones! I had a mad-dash last night trying to pull something together for the girls to wake up to, but really the fun of May Day is giving and surprising friends, and next year, I’ll be prepared for the girls to do just that.

So what I managed was these (chocolate centered flowers in a felt “basket”)

hung upon the front door handle for little eyes to spy first thing in the morning.

but next year we are going to make them together, kiddos and Mama, and put them on the front doors of our friends houses as a May Day surprise. Mamas, you know who you are and you have been warned!

Aunt Abi was put on jam-making duty for May Day. The grocery store was having terrific sale prices on strawberries the other day, and I detest store jam, so every few months, Abi has to cook up a new batch for us. It’s her specialty!


I can’t wait for strawberries to be in season and to try this recipe . It looks so delish!

Hope you all enjoyed this lovely day…the weather just keeps getting more and more intoxicating! Can’t wait for tomorrow…

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One Response to May Day

  1. gardenmama says:

    A truly beautiful way to celebrate May Day! : )

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