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Summer (weather) love

My favorite things about this time of year (or perhaps I should say this weather, as we’ve had an unusually Summery-sort-of-Spring): Waking up in the morning and jumping into the pool for a swim The early morning cacophony from our … Continue reading

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Soft doll

Grace is r e a l l y into dolls. It’s pretty cute, watching her drag dolls around that are the same size as her, but it also kind of throws me off because I didn’t realize babies could be … Continue reading

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New rhythms

I’ve been really working on creating a routine for our family, in addition to working on the “rhythm” of our days. I realized it is difficult to raise a family with a strong family-home-base if the family is never at … Continue reading

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Happy Mama’s Day!

This must be the sweetest day in the year for a mother, for it’s when the people dearest to you do the most adorable things to try and prove their love…as if they had to, but the attempt is so … Continue reading

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The bees have arrived!

I picked up our bees the other day, and I can already tell this was one of the best DIY projects we’ve come up with! This is going to be a detailed post, folks, so bear with me. The choice … Continue reading

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May Day

Happy May Day! I didn’t plan for this day with enough forethought and I definitely should have. May Day is an old-timey tradition which can be such fun for little ones! I had a mad-dash last night trying to pull … Continue reading

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