At April’s End

So the family project I had mentioned? It’s all finished!

We all worked to build it together… Grace and Sophia moved wood from one spot of the yard to another, moved the swing set assemblage around, too; Mom held wood down so that Dad could do a whole lot of drilling. Well ok, honestly ~ the only one who did any real work was Dad, but the rest of us were certainly busy!

The weather is incredible right now, but we’re still not sorry to see April go because it’s only going to get better!

We’ve been in the garden today, checking up on everything. Lettuce, peas…

Grace is a gardener too!

And I brought out the beeswax, not really expecting much, because I know kids don’t usually get into beeswax for another couple years, but Sophia surprised me by loving it! And fortunately for me it was such a warm day, the wax softened on it’s own just by sitting on the blanket.

She decided to make gnomes, all on her own!

I think these are definitely the kind of days I’ll miss with a passion when the girls are grown up. Today was perfect!

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