Poultry craze!

Spring is in full swing now; lately we’ve been living outside, collecting new animals, and working on a family project (which will be revealed soon!).

Tomorrow will see the fulfillment of the process we’ve long been aiming for ~ that is to say, we (by which I mean a friend and I) are going to harvest two of our roosters. When the hubs and I began the poultry project a year and a half ago, it was with the intention to eventually feed ourselves not only with eggs but also meat. Due to one thing or another ~ namely our brood being wiped out twice due to predators ~ it’s been slow going to get to this day, but we’re here at last. The two roosters who are the meanest and most antisocial are getting the boot ~ right onto the dining room table. I think the term ‘backyard farming’ truly applies to us now. More on this to come, I’m sure!

We also have been getting so many eggs from our hens that we are now selling them to the local farm stand up the road. This is really fun for me, and I think when the kids get older they too will get a kick out of it. When you are getting at least 6 dozen eggs a week, it’s rewarding to see them go to a use such as other peoples tables!

And of course because I apparently do not have enough chickens running around, I found myself at the checkout counter at Tractor Supply the other day, with 10 more! Madness, I tell you! (But we love it!) Grace tries to crawl into the chick house and hang out with the little chickies, much to my amusement.

We’re doing ducklings again, too. Duckling houses don’t photograph well, what with the red heat lamp and all, so excuse the black and whiteness…

These guys were teeny tiny when they came home two weeks ago, but they are huge now! Two more weeks until they move outdoors! (By the way, that is Ping and “his mother.” See The Story About Ping .)

A little visual hint of our family project before I go.

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