Days like these

Today was perfect, it really was. It was just the right concoction of family togetherness, the weather being a ten, and my babies just, well, sweetness. The kids played outside all day in the warm sunny-ness, and Dad and I did some chores around the garage and yard for all the Easter-related partying that is to happen over the weekend. I loved looking up from what I was doing to see the girls running through the backyard (naked most of the time, of course!), or splashing in puddles and the wading pool, and playing happily in the sandbox. They had their meals outside, watched the bonfire, etc. It was lovely.

Those last photos are of a lovely find I made at a local antique shop the other day. It’s a baby doll cradle and it’s so special! I didn’t want to strip the original paint, so I sealed it with a polyacrylic (in case the original is lead-based) and then brought it in for it’s test run amongst the judges. They both seem to be enjoying it; Grace especially loves baby dolls right now and she thinks a bed for her babies is just all that. I’m so happy I found it!

One last happy pic from the day before it’s time for this mama to begin project clean up!

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