Easter project

Sophia has been asking to do a project with our Easter eggs. So. I blew out the eggs, looked around, and saw this great idea at The Magic Onions . It’s basically melted crayon wax, and it was lots of fun!

I was worried at first that Sophia was too young to deal with hot crayon wax, but she actually was fine, and it was I that got burnt (once)!

I really liked the way they came out, but Sophia enjoys dunking them in dye, so we did that too, and the results were pretty cool.

I think later we might experiment with painting egg shells with acrylic paint.

The nice thing about working with eggs is that the correlation to new life is very clear to Sophia (I guess maybe because we have chickens?). She is definitely getting an education about what we are celebrating at Easter time…new life, fertility, etc. It’s cute because she then tries to share this information with her little sister, and talks to her about “when she pushed out…” Pretty cute to listen to, and definitely makes me proud to know that the miracle of birth is no mystery in our house!

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