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Needle felting

The other day we discovered THE JOYS OF NEEDLE FELTING (that’s how it looks in my mind, haha). The whole family got in on it – as in, not just Mom, but Dad as well (the needles are way too … Continue reading

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A mostly photo update

It’s going to be hard to remember everything we’ve been up to lately… Here’s a tiny peek! T-shirt crafting, always fun and always a fav Watercoloring (in new said t-shirt!) Hand/finger knitting (this was sooooooooooooooooooooo easy to teach her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Visiting … Continue reading

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She’s a cosleeper no longer

So here’s the thing. I began co-sleeping the day I brought Sophia home from the hospital – I even tried making it work in the hospital, I was so jazzed about co-sleeping! While pregnant, I had read tons of attachment … Continue reading

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Formula Fed America

Something to definitely put on this summer’s “must see” list!

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Easter project

Sophia has been asking to do a project with our Easter eggs. So. I blew out the eggs, looked around, and saw this great idea at The Magic Onions . It’s basically melted crayon wax, and it was lots of … Continue reading

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Freshly tilled ground

You might just see dirt here, but I see my future residence, come July and August. Long live the vegetable garden.

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We are out of the tunnel! (And into the light…)

Spring weather is upon us. And not a moment too soon, for here is the thing about winter in New England: you spend the winter feeling as though you are in a state of constant desperation for the light which … Continue reading

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