Doula Emerging

We are out here in Boston right now so that I can attend the doula workshop this weekend, and the girls and their dad can hit the Boston hot-spots for kidlets. I’m super excited about my doula training, which, incidentally is progressing at a far more accelerated pace than I had initiatlly pictured. I’m lucky…I had feared it would take roughly a year to complete certification, but at this pace I expect it to be completed by summer!

I feel so passionately about birth, birth eduation, and every woman’s right to be informed about the process, options, and potentials. I think working as a doula is going to be so rewarding…it’s almost selfish! But I believe that every woman has the right to full support in her labor, and I want to help provide that in some aspect in our area. I know for me with my first birth, I had absolutely no labor support at all. Grace’s birth was a tonic in many ways…the labor support was phenomenal! And I believe EVERY WOMAN deserves to have the amount of support and love around her during her labor that I did the second time around… It’s such a special moment!

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