Medicine Cabinet

We’ve had a steadily growing interest in homeopathic remedies around here; not as a complete substitute for conventional care, but as a supplement, and in certain cases, in place of. Grace caught a cold from her sister recently, and we were pretty shocked when it turned into pneumonia. Obviously not a good thing to have in a small baby, so we’ve been supplementing the traditional medical regime (antibiotic, breathing treatments) with

probiotics, elderberry syrup, and chest rub ointment. You would be rather surprised at the powers of elderberry and I’m going to be giving it to all of us in future at the first sign of a cold. Pretty powerful stuff!

Despite being sick, however, little Gracie’s energy does not abate! She keeps going and going, keeping right up with her sister! Except, of course, on trips outdoors… Instead, now she stands in the window and keeps track of everything Sophia does, with loud undecipherable commentary…

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