A Very Domestic Update

Things have been busy as usual around here. Sometimes the accomplishments can only be measured in my baby’s smiles, or in Sophia’s artwork, or in how big the messes are. I suppose if our home were spotless and organized all the time, it would be fair to assume my kid’s accomplishments were zero!

I have been going crazy for Spring. To demonstrate, I actually “Spring cleaned” the house last week. It made sense at the time; a scrubbed house would somehow by necessity usher in the warmer months.

Of course, reality is a rough bedfellow. Despite the brief respite of two days in the 40’s this week, snow is predicted to befall us again tomorrow night.

The cooking bug bit me recently and I’ve been trying to occupy the long winter night’s with warm, cozy, family-filled dinners. I have this cookbook which I adore and rarely use, Pumpkin: A Super Food for all Twelve Months of the Year and the family has liked everything I’ve made so far. Plus, pumpkin contains antioxidants, so we’re getting healthy while we eat!

My chickens have been feeling the winter blues, so a couple weeks ago (after the last snow storm) I climbed in their yard and dug all the snow out. Then I strategically located their food and scraps around the yard so they would be forced out of the coop and into the fresh air and sun. At first, there was decided hostility about this move directed solely at moi, but ~ I’m happy to report ~ they got over it! They definitely look forward to being let out of the coop every morning now.

Oh, and in exciting news, one of the boys began crowing on Gracie’s birthday! My chickies are growing up. 🙂

Been crafting a bit…Gracie’s quilt is halfway completed! Also, after Sophia begged me for the thousandth time to make her a doggy, I finally embarked upon my felt-making career!

Well not really career, but you know. Anyway, here’s what I learned about felting toys: 1) very fun 2) VERY time consuming 3) VERY silly to embark on such a project when your little ones are awake and running around!!! (because of reason #2). But I was not too discouraged; I DO plan to felt again in the future! 😉

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