Happy 1st Birthday, Grace!

Gracie-doodle’s birth-day is Jan. 6th but because of the traveling schedules of two of our family members, we decided to celebrate today. We invited the Grandparent’s up today as well, and skipped out on a big party this year (due to a lack of foresight in planning).

How old are you, Grace?


I did a mad dash this morning sewing her felt birthday crown. And you can see the adorable cat her Aunt made her. Birthday quilt to follow soon….

It’s amazing to think back to where we were a year ago, waiting for our little Gracie-monster’s arrival. Our decision to have Grace at home was based on solid research which proves home birth is, in healthy normal pregnancy, safer than a hospital birth, combined with our desire to respect the act of birth itself. (Here’s the latest study on this.) For me, I wanted to trust the act which I was to go through, and what was happening to my family ~ delivering a new life into the world, and on my own terms. Gracie’s birth was as exhilarating as the past year has been; truly a precursor to her HUGE personality. She is a cutie and brings a whole new element of fun and life to our family.

Happy Birthday, Gracie-doodle! ❤ We love you sooooooooooo much!!!

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One Response to Happy 1st Birthday, Grace!

  1. Amy Romano says:

    Happy Birthday Gracie! I remember the day well, too. 🙂 Will be broadcasting birthday thoughts to her and her amazing mama this week.


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