Clues of what will come

2010 arrived just in the nick of time! I have to admit, last year was a very LONG year, and was very difficult for me…I spent a great deal of last year alone in one respect or another, trying to hold down normality for the girls. This was a new experience ~ actually, pretty much everything that happened last year was a first for our family ~ and I would not be exaggerating to proclaim loudly that I am VERY excited for life to resume a more steady, normal, and peaceful aspect. I will say that I gained an entirely new respect for military wives, as I got to experience to a small degree what it is like to do it alone when you are not legally alone, and to try to live normally while holding your breath waiting.

My resolution this year is to focus more on the positives in life and work on being less critical. Therefore, I made a list of the positives of 2009. This list consisted of the obvious, like the birth of Gracie (and at home, too!), and our garden which was a huge success and enormous learning board for myself. It also included Rudy regaining his health, and Abi being able to escape a terrible situation in Atlanta and coming up to us and beginning school, literally transforming her life. Really when I stepped back, I could see that although last year was hard, in many ways it was also an amazing gift.

This year will hopefully bring much more crafting, homey-ness, family time, gardening, and other good surprises. I am extremely optimistic and hopeful for what 2010 will hold!

Now, a little hint of the crafts to come:

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