Happy Winter Solstice!

Happy Solstice, everyone! Technically the winter’s solstice is tomorrow, but we celebrated today with goodies for the wild animals, singing around the (outside) tree, and cookie baking! Yum!

As the kids get older, we want them to have an accurate and well-rounded perspective of our cultural holidays, so today we talked about the season’s changes, the longest night of winter, and how Spring is now approaching in more than just theory. Christmas time is more than a particular religions chosen date to celebrate a birthday, or a society’s moment to bathe in the glow of human kindness and the ability to give and share and love. It is also, and was originally, a moment to pause and be connected to the seasonal rhythms which our circadian rhythm ties us to. The longest night of the year brings our attention back to these instinctive, chronobiological functions. It’s actually a lovely moment, if you think about it.

Someday, the children will get all of that, but for now, it is enough to stop and mark the moment with song and little gifts to the wild animals in the forest.

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