Old Sturbridge Village does 12 Nights of fun!

Tonight we attended OSV’s Christmas festivities…formerly known as “Christmas by Candlelight,” but now re-named and trans-morphed into “12 Nights” ~ the absolute best Christmas fun you can have with the family in our region!

The village is literally transformed into a periodical winter wonderland; you can peruse the houses at leisure and partake of traditional fruit cake, sip delicious mulled spiced cider (also the traditional version), dip candles, make a small Christmas ornament at the tin-house, partake in old-timey Christmas caroling, go for a wagon ride, visit with BOTH Santa and Father Christmas, and soooo much else! (And of course, everything I just listed came with the price of admissions ~ a perfect steal!)

Sophia had a blast this year; she was finally old enough to really really think it was so much fun being up late, wandering the Christmasy village, going on the wagon ride, and chatting with Santa (twice!). Grace actually fell asleep on Dad’s back, but that’s ok; we know in two or three years that she too will leave thinking December can’t get much better than this. Which, incidentally, it can’t. 😉

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2 Responses to Old Sturbridge Village does 12 Nights of fun!

  1. Ann Lindblad says:

    We’re so glad you had a great time at 12 Nights of Christmas at OSV. Thanks for the wonderful descriptions and photos – and for helping us spread the word.

    Ann Lindblad
    Director of Communications
    Old Sturbridge Village

  2. mamainthequietcorner says:

    Ann ~ we’ve been long-time members of the village extending back to when I was a little girl! OSV has truly become my family’s “home away from home” and is our first choice of a place away from home to spend time together at!

    Btw, your Santa is the best ever! What a patient man, and so kind too. We love him!!

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