December has been busy around here. We spent almost a week out in California, only to get home and immediately be hit by the stomach bug… Not pleasant. I bring this up, however, because a point was illustrated to me about pumping, and I want to share real quick with our nursing-mom-friends. Obviously, I wasn’t keeping much fluid down with the virus, and my milk supply had pretty much flat-lined for about 8 hours or so ~ during which I was freaking out about Grace getting enough antibodies to keep her immune from the virus. I fortunately had a small reserve of frozen bm in the freezer; but this experience highlighted to me that I should keep a better stock on hand ~ because you never know what might happen. As it is, Gracie-doodle got enough bm that she was the only member of our household to escape the awful stomach bug!

Weird subject to preface a cookie-post, but it really struck me as important!


We’ve been making Ginger Crisps! This is a family favorite recipe…even people who don’t especially enjoy gingerbread love these cookies, and an added bonus is they’re only about 30 calories each! The recipe is from here and they are really scrumptious! Sophia, especially, is a BIG fan!

We’ve got a lot cooking around here… 12 Nights at OSV, which we are doing later this week; we’re making stockings this year (individualized, personalized, homemade stockings!); and the family Christmas party is coming up soooon. I love December, but it does seem to just whiz by!

Next year is going to bring big changes… Ms. Grace is turning 1 in just a few short weeks (incredible! I remember being ready to burst this time last year and thinking that baby would never get out!). She’s going to be beginning Mommy & Me classes, and swim lessons next month! I’m beginning my doula certification in January, and I hope to complete it by summer. Rudy has certification plans of his own (although they are not along the birth-route, of course.) 😉 And in only about 12 more weeks, I can finally get the peas in the ground and begin planting all over again!

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