Fall, falling leaves

If there is one season for which New Englander’s can be proud, it is autumn. Our winter’s are depressing, and summer is depressingly short, but autumn is what it’s all about here. I’m not sure what is more glorious on a crisp September or October day then walking amidst a swirling windy eruption of colorful leaves!



WE actually did a lot of crafting over the past month, but for some reason not so much blogging. In addition to much else, I’ve been working on quilts…the one for Sophia is nearly completed


and Gracie’s is going to be a little more complicated.

Abi has been knitting like a possessed old woman; she made me a sweater, a mug cozy, and coasters!




Something about that little nip and chill in the air just makes me want to bake, and so we have been, lots and lots of different things! I wish we had been more faithful about pictures, because we made a wonderful Halloween spider chocolate cake from Country Living Magazine, but it was devoured so quickly, I can only share a picture of the picture. 🙂


Sophia has been enjoying whole wheat muffins lately; I let her sprinkle the top with three chocolate chips each, although if I don’t watch closely, she ends up pouring many more on haha



So many seasonal changes; not the least of which is the earth seeping back into a deep slumber. The proof of it’s yearly pilgrimage to sleep away the long cold months is in what remains of our vegetables… The last of the summer’s tomatoes all must be brought in to ripen, or else become food for the chickens.


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