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In excess of colors

Right now I’m savoring the last true colors of summer! In just an oh-so-short time, the season will have completely slipped away from us and we’ll be left to marvel in the beauty of another seasonal palette entirely. For now … Continue reading

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We waited all year for it!

Can’t believe we have to wait another year for it to come back!

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The fruits of our labor!

I love this time of year ~ harvest reaping has begun! All the time, work, labor and love which went on since about March (February if you include pouring over seed options and then ordering) is now being rewarded! Look … Continue reading

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Beautiful August

We had such a gorgeous day yesterday. Our family spent most of the day at our favorite spot, Old Sturbridge Village. Sophia has a new hankering for a pig (to be named Wilbur and who “we can love and give … Continue reading

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August heat…where have you been?

Finally, things are starting to get back on the road for us! Rudy will be home within a week! It’s sad to say, but the height of summer is behind us, and the start of school is just around the … Continue reading

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Summer library days

Something about visiting the cool quiet library during the dog-days of summer just feels very right to me. Perhaps this is latent childhood memories? The really fun thing is now being able to watch the girls ~ despite both being … Continue reading

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