Tide rolls on

Without Rudy here, I have been struggling with momentum and inspiration for things like blogging and crafting. Instead, I have spent much more time focusing inwards and surviving this moment without my life line, my other half, and building instead. Somehow, building makes me feel closer to him, which is key because we literally cannot talk right now, the silence is pretty complete, and if he weren’t coming back at any (unknown) moment, it would feel more like death.

I am going to try and focus a little more on the things that make me happy when Rudy is here, in an attempt to cheer up, so here come the blogs!

So! Last weekend the girls and I spent Saturday with a friend of mine and her kids. We went to the Essex Steam Train and Boat ride, in Essex, CT.




I had expected this to be an incredibly exciting day for Bug, but she was only mildly impressed. I have a feeling it will be much more thrilling in a year or two.


Even so, I found it to be pretty fun, and hanging out with a mom-friend is always a good way to spend time when your missing piece is, well…missing. :/


We have a surprise (two, actually!) addition to the house. More on this soon!

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