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Garden bounty

We have lots and lots of fresh garden peas being picked daily now. I love it! Sophia stands with me by the fence and eats them out of the pod, and Grace reaches over my shoulder from the backpack in … Continue reading

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Tide rolls on

Without Rudy here, I have been struggling with momentum and inspiration for things like blogging and crafting. Instead, I have spent much more time focusing inwards and surviving this moment without my life line, my other half, and building instead. … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary to you, too, Rudes. This is the only one you will ever be allowed to miss. ❤

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Ducky update

I hope no one has forgotten about the ducks! They are officially my favorite animal on the Pauls’ Farm (haha) at the moment. I recently got them all set up with a pool. It took them a good week to … Continue reading

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*What we’ve been reading* (I have to HIGHLY recommend The Story of the Root Children real quick. It’s a wonderful little book which incorporates observing the changing seasons in a tangible and whimsical format for that age 3-8 crowd.) An … Continue reading

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