Animal house

I’m pretty sure that in the past week, I’ve only sat down because of the necessity of nursing my nursling, and even then, there is often a lot of multitasking involved between the computer and the Bug. Not that I’m complaining about it ~ this level of activity is what’s keeping me focused, and will keep me so for the next ~ what is it now? ~ 11 more weeks?

The garden has become quite a taskmaster…I am SO relieved that Rudy refused to let me dig up the entire backyard for my garden…turns out that what I have (60′ x 40′) is MORE than enough when you add in the girls on top of it!


But we’ve had a lot of help and support from some wonderful friends and family, and that is keeping all the business on the fun side of the strenuous scale.



And on top of all the great friends and family, our little ‘farm’ has had some recent additions, too.


Ducklings! We have three; Sammy, Sandy, and Duck (so sayeth Sophia!). We also got five new chicks (although we lost one). The chicks are for our newly designed chicken propagation plan ~ we want a rooster so we can hatch our own babies!

There are also two kittens reserved for us, due to join our clan next month, and it’s possible that before the summer is up, we may add some goats!

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