Good to see green

Ok, it’s officially that time of year that I think you have to be a New Englander to fully appreciate. Picture this: you just got out of winter ~ the kind of winter where snow was heaped upon snow. The temps got so cold that even when the thermostat in the house reads 70, you can still feel the cold outside in your bones. Any outside adventures are predominated by spurts (if you can call them that, waddling over the ice and through snow drifts) to and from the car and any shop/house door inbetween. And NOW,

it’s May


and suddenly you remember why you live in New England. (Just in the nick of time too, because a month before, you were looking up realestate in Florida!)






This little fellow and it’s hoppity friends like to sit around my garden fence and look at me with a knowing air… I swear, I’ve walked out and there will be 3 or 4 or them all around the fence. They can’t get through the fencing, but they are too close for comfort to the little peas growing up on the fence!

Little devils…



I’m taking the easy way out this year with weeding, as you can see. Rudy picked up this fabric stuff to put between rows, so all I should need to weed will be the actual rows! Pretty exciting!




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