More sewing crafts!

I can’t even begin to describe the flurry of sewing projects over here lately! It’s so addictive, even Sophia is now “sewing” with any stray pins she can grab before I notice (see picture below).


I’m working on a little sun dress for Gracie right now, and another one for Sophia (she picked out the fabric herself and it is PINK ~ like bright, shocking, bold PINK!) but in the meantime, here’s what we’ve got so far.


polka-dot blue sundress, which she and I both love (yay!)



My new skirt. I LOVE this fabric; the skirt is a little long, but I’m so in love with the fabric, I couldn’t bear to cut it!!


The family wall quilt! This is a lot closer to being done…I left some blank spots for any future additions to our bunch, and also some blank ones for any extra time I may have to add decorative stuff…you know, like embroider “Homemade is made with love”, or other, equally “Aww shucks!” sentimental sayings.


Gracie wasn’t really on-board with the whole handprint thing, so we added an almost equally bad set of footprints! But I love it anyway, the whole thing just makes me happy!

I hope you all had a wonderful May Day yesterday, and an equally lovely weeknd!

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One Response to More sewing crafts!

  1. solarpete says:

    I wish I could buy quilts that are that pretty to give as gifts for christmas

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