On parenting

You know those days where everything just falls into place? The kid’s are in a good mood, the parent’s aren’t tired, the weather cooperates, and you sit back and think – “It just couldn’t be more perfect then this”? And – “Someday when they’re gone, I’m going to wish I could get back here with them just one more time.”


Well, yesterday was such a day for us. Everything just fell into place.


They aren’t lying when they say being a parent is the hardest job you’ll ever love – there are depths of truth to that statement.


Everybody and their brother (or mother) has an opinion on how you should be raising your kid’s. But I find the only way to really feel good at the end of the day is to just follow my gut on this stuff. Which is hard, believe me, during the times it’s my kid acting up somewhere, and someone is making the face: you should be handling it this way.


Well thanks, but no thanks.

We follow our instincts around here.



I think we’ll have done well if our girls pick this trait up and run with it – just go with the gut. Sometimes you have to run, sometimes you take a stand, sometimes you just ride the river. And always, it’s ok to make mistakes. One of the wisest parent’s I’ve ever met said to me not long ago, “It’s ok to make mistakes – it’s good for your kid’s to know you aren’t perfect. That way it’s ok for them to not be perfect too.”

(Yay for drops of rain in the desert of a difficult day!)


But days like yesterday really stick it to us again about how lucky we are. Two wonderful kids, each other, our location – why, even for our crazy/kind dog! (Emphasis on the crazy!)



Milton Saperstein said, “Bringing up a family should be an adventure.” And we’re lucky because for us, it really is!

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