Pink dresses and bullfrogs

So many changes for our family the past couple years, and so many more coming up! One of the most exciting is the impending visit from one of the girl’s aunt’s, by way of Atlanta. Abi flies in next week, and we get to keep her for a whole week of goodness ~ though I suspect that will not be enough. We have many plans which include knitting needles, the sewing machine, and rags. 😉

Sophia came home today! And at the same time, I finished up another summer dress for her. She said she was a ballerina! (Ha! And without prompting from anyone, too!)



So our latest family foray into bringing the outside in is the polliwog chronicles!! We have two – a bullfrog and a regular frog polliwog. Sophia absolutely LOVES sitting at the table and watching them swim round and round. And I have to admit, they bring back some good memories for me of when I was little and ran around collecting polliwogs and frogs and turtles and such.


Spring is officially here, guys. And we couldn’t be happier.


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