Little squeaks of what’s to come


I love the rhythm that our life has fallen into. Rudy and I have adjusted to being sort of revolving moons around the orb of our girl’s… The days are filled with these incredibly sweet moments, and we are so privileged to play witness to the burgeoning selfhood in our kid’s.


We had our family egg hunt this morning, as soon as Rudy got home from work. And it was so sweet – Sophia was absolutely overcome with excitement over the thrill of the hunt. We got such a kick out of her squeals of delight and her zeal…I don’t think I’ve seen her so enthusiastic before about a holiday activity.


Then Rudy went to bed, and the girls and I loaded up in the truck to head to the family Easter celebration at my aunt’s house.


I was thinking today about how part of the reason our family (the extended family, I mean) works so well is that it is filled with incredibly strong, amazing women. As I was driving down to see everyone, I couldn’t help but feel happy for my girls – they are so lucky to have such strong and caring female role models to grow up in the midst of! There will be no possible way for my girls to grow up and not know their eventual role as the “heart’s in their own homes.”


They were completely adored as usual.


On this holiday which celebrates fertility and the power of birth and new life, I think it was extra special for all of us to have the reminding presence of the latest little baby to the bunch of us.


She slipped into our life and heart’s as easily as she slipped into the world three months ago.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday too!

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