A Spring celebration…

We have been preparing for Easter. This year, Sophia is old enough to really begin to understand what holidays and celebrations are all about.  I am drawn to nature spiritualities, and we want the girl’s to have a solid footing in all myth and lore. We feel it’s important for them to learn about the roots of all the yearly celebratory moments. As such, we’ve been talking with Sophia about how on Easter, we celebrate life and birth (and rebirth). Someday we’ll get specific and talk about Ostara, Easter’s namesake, but for now, we are talking about birth and babies and new animals born on farms, etc. This is a pretty easy concept for the Bug to digest because she got to witness her sister’s homebirth, so she’s pretty hip on the process. 😉

(As a sidenote, Sophia still likes to talk about how she and my aunt made cookies for me while I worked on “pushing baby Gracie out.” It’s pretty exciting to listen to her recount her own version of our birth story!)

I like how we’ve been able to tie in the story of Demeter and her daughter Persephone into the Spring rebirth story for Sophia. I’ve taken her age into account and abridged/modified it.


Our version goes something like this:

Once there was a mother who had a wonderful daughter named Persephone. Persephone and her mother did everything together – they would play in the stream together, and they ran in the meadow, and they went exploring in the forest together. But there came a time when Persephone had to travel alone through a tunnel deep down into the earth, and her mother couldn’t go with her. This made Persephone’s mother so sad that she cried and cried, and soon the trees and earth were sad too, and the ground turned brown and the air cold, and all the leaves blew off the trees. This lasted all Fall and Winter – but in the Spring, Persephone could walk back through the tunnel and up to her mother. Her mother was so overjoyed to see her that she danced and sang and spun Persephone around and hugged her tightly. The trees and earth were so happy for Persephone and her mother that the grass turned green and new leaves grew on the trees, and fields of flowers grew up everywhere, and this lasted all Spring and summer. And this is what happens every year – when Persephone goes away, the land becomes gray and cold, but when she returns, everything is green and colorful and happy.


Speaking of mythic tales (sort of) I found this incredible book to use with the girl’s called Living Alphabet (you can find it here .) I found it through a website that was discussing the Waldorf reading method. This book is such an amazing way of familiarizing kids with the alphabet! It basically uses art and mythic lore as an instructive tool. Sophia loves to sit and read it together, and I can’t wait for Gracie to be old enough to look at the illustrations.




Sophia’s Easter bunny ears.

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