So I’ve been thinking a lot about toys lately. Not really just lately, but I guess more actively. I guess anyone who knows me knows I’ve always been sketchy about the plastic crap from the big stores, but we seem to accumulate that junk anyway. So I’ve been on a bit of a slow rampage over the past month or so, throwing it all out little by little. What we’re left with is what I hope to continue collecting…the wooden toys, and toys made of natural fibers (felt, cloth, silks, etc.) I guess we are going the Waldorf-inspired direction for toys…ones that leave a lot open to the imagination, while maintaining a connection to nature by being fairly obvious – wooden blocks, felted and hand-sewn dolls, etc. I think is going to come in as a huge resource for this, as there is a wonderful selection of handmade (which is synonymous with Waldorf, isn’t it?) toys available through Etsy retailers.

I’m also pretty big on “activity stations.”

I like to leave them out for a while, spread throughout the house, and then as Sophia becomes bored, trade them in for something new. I find this is a big help for times when I need to do solo activities, like cook or shower…if there is a newer and interesting activity somewhere for her to explore and play with, I can buy myself 10, 15, sometimes even 20 minutes.


And we got the art wire up today! I love this idea – it’s straight from The Creative Family , which is an awesome book!


Getting back to toys, though.  The nice thing about the handmade is that we can actually do a lot of that ourselves. I enlisted the help of Dad and his amazing electric saws to cut building blocks for us out of small logs and big branches. And I made the Bug a felt crown myself last week.


The homemade makes things extra special.

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